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Headed by Chris Corbet, a veteran in the digital space, Kangela is a digital consultancy geared to meet the demands of the mobile age. Specialising in Mobile Usability, Creative Design & Development, Google Ads, Social Media Management, and SEO. Consistently providing my clients with all the advantages of an agency, without the jargon and inflated costs.

mobile first marketing

Fact: between 60% and 70% of website visitors, particularly in the travel, technology and lifestyle spaces, arrive on a mobile device. Can they easily navigate, make contact, and book, or buy your product? If not, you're losing potential income. Being mobile "friendly" isn't enough! To compete in 2020 you need to be thinking MOBILE FIRST.

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Your website is often the first thing potential buyers experience about your business. So, ensuring that it's easily found by potential customers, and is easy to use, should be a top priority. A website is an expensive investment, to be cost-effective, a digital strategy needs to be geared towards maximising direct sales or bookings and building trust.

personal service

Based in the UK & soon Mauritius, Kangela brings a personal, mobile focused & creative approach to promoting your brand. You won't find me in a city centre office, with massive overheads, but it's not a one-man show. Working remotely with a global network of experts I can handle projects of any size, efficiently and at a lower cost.

Kangela Travel

Looking for Kangela Life? My personal blog is aimed at those who love traveling and living, and are looking for to experience all the best that life has to offer. We've recently bought a narrow boat, on which we plan to explore the 3500 km of canals in England. I'll be documenting those adventures on YouTube, and on my other social media channels. Go To Kangela Life

Here's What I Do:


You only get one chance to make a great first impression, the first impression that a potential customer will have of your business. It's imperative to get it right the first time. At Kangela I'll take mobile design beyond the computer screen, and apply it to all areas of your brand.


I've been building mobile & user-friendly websites and applications for years, and know that regardless of how beautiful the creative, if your online platform doesn’t perform its core function, or display correctly on a mobile device, a customer's attention, and a potential sale, is lost.


A website is an expensive investment, to be effective, a digital marketing strategy needs to be geared towards maximising direct bookings & gaining trust. Ensuring your business is easily found by potential customers, and is easy to use on a mobile device, has to be a priority.


To get the most out of your investment, you need to understand your visitors' behaviour, before and after they visit your website. Analytics is a vital cog in the process, showing whether your marketing efforts, paid advertising, influencer and social media efforts are paying off.

What Makes Kangela Different?

I love building long term relationships with forward-thinking people who recognise the importance of thinking mobile. By restricting the number of projects in progress at any one time, being directly involved with every process, and drawing on trusted specialists as needed, rather than employing expensive full-time salaried staff, I can keep costs down & maintain personal contact.

Clients enjoy all the skills & advantages of an agency, without the jargon, costly overheads, endless staff rotation and need to re-explain their business to someone new every couple of months. And it's personal, there's no need to deal with an agency "process" in order to get anything done. I'm a Phone Call, Text or Email away for a quick response in plain language: More About Kangela

Let's talk about exposing your digital brand!

Client Testimonials

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  • Chris is a great guy to work with and delivers a great service. He has helped us with his expertise and showed us how we can elevate our online... read more

    Jacques de Kock Avatar
    Jacques de Kock

    Kangela lead the digital marketing space and stay ahead of all changes to algorithms etc done so frequently by the likes of Google and apply it to their clients' benefit.... read more

    Werner Redelinghuys Avatar
    Werner Redelinghuys

    Chris from Kangela has been a tremendous help in getting our online business off the ground by radically improving usability and driving traffic to the site. He has very... read more

    Tracy Coughlan Avatar
    Tracy Coughlan
  • I have been working with Chris since 2001 and have always had Excellent service, commitment and his passion has shone my business Shark Bookings to new strengths. Chris was the... read more

    Dave Caravias Avatar
    Dave Caravias

    Our website was old fashioned, not mobile friendly and difficult to use. We asked Chris from Kangela for help and we are glad to say that as a result of... read more

    Anthony Cloete Avatar
    Anthony Cloete

    Kangela Digital Marketing and African Fusion Travel have an excellent working relationship. Chris the owner of the company is a dream to work with. We value his... read more

    Butterfly Bishop Avatar
    Butterfly Bishop
  • In my professional career I've been doing business with Kangela for many years. My most recent project, White Shark Divers is another site designed, built and marketed by Kangela. Chris... read more

    Elna Caravias Avatar
    Elna Caravias

    Prepaid24 have been dealing with Kangela Digital, over the past 3 months and the personal assistance and advice that we have been receiving from Chris, has been fantastic. I would... read more

    Ben Lindeque Avatar
    Ben Lindeque

    We've worked with Chris from Kangela for almost 20 years now. He has a wealth of experience in the travel marketing space, I have no hesitation in recommending his company... read more

    Alex Simon Avatar
    Alex Simon

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