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In the travel, tourism and hospitality space, between 60% and 75% of website visitors arrive on a mobile device! Can they easily navigate your website, make contact, and book, or buy your product? If not, you're losing potential income. Being "mobile-friendly" isn't enough in 2019, we need to be thinking MOBILE FIRST!

Based in Cape Town, the Garden Route, and soon Mauritius, Kangela brings a mobile-first approach to travel & tourism marketing in the Africa travel space.

We're a digital marketing agency, but you won't find us in a city centre office with dozens of staff members and massive overheads. We work with a global network of tried and trusted experts, who can handle projects of any size, anywhere, at a most affordable cost.

This Is What We Do:


You only get one chance to make a first impression, the first impression that potential customers have of your business. It's imperative to get it right first time, we will take mobile design beyond the computer screen, and apply it to all areas of your online presence.


We've been building mobile & user-friendly websites and applications for years, and know that regardless of how beautiful the creative, if your online platform doesn’t perform its core function, or display correctly on a mobile device, a customer's attention, and a potential sale, is lost.


A website is an expensive investment, to be cost-effective, a digital marketing strategy needs to be geared towards maximising direct bookings and gaining trust. Ensuring your business is easily found by potential customers, and is easy to use on a mobile device, has to be a priority.


To get the most out of your investment, you need to understand your visitors' behaviour, before and after they visit your website. Analytics is a vital cog in the process, showing whether your marketing efforts, paid advertising, influencer and social media efforts are paying off.

Digital Marketing For The Mobile Age

As we navigate the 3rd decade of the digital age, ensuring that your message, and your online brand, is easily found by potential customers using mobile devices, and that it’s easy for them to use HAS to be a priority. We'll harness cutting-edge technology to understand customer behaviour, then allow experts to optimise your media mix to deliver real, tangible, and cost-effective results.

We bring a modern concept in specialised travel and tourism marketing by Chris Corbet, a digital marketing veteran who has been helping businesses of all sizes, in Africa & beyond, to prosper online for over 18 years.

Kangela prefers working with forward-thinking businesses, primarily, but not exclusively, in the travel, tourism and hospitality space, who recognise the importance of thinking mobile. We also have extensive experience working in the real estate industry.

Drop us an email or message and let us check your website's mobile compatibility. If you want to be ahead of the competition in this era of the digital age, mobile-first isn't a choice, it's a necessity!

Let's talk about energising your business, and getting your brand ready for 2020!

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