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Creativity, content, a user friendly website, and great customer relations are all essential to marketing your business. But, a massively important factor is discovering what works, what doesn't, and what can be improved. Your website is the cornerstone of your business, so accurate data and reporting on how it performs takes on great importance.

Which pages are people visiting the most and which pages or keywords are converting into business? Through analytics, every action your customers take when on your website can and should be measured, because that is what will move you towards online success.

  • Data is Power - without understanding where your visitors are coming from and what they do once on your website, you aren't getting the best value from your most valuable business tool.
  • Google Analytics - the premier data tracking tool in the world today, which tracks visitors to your site and collects data such as keywords and where visitors originated, all in a user friendly dashboard, and the best part is it's free.
  • Facebook Insights - a powerful, free feature available for your company’s Facebook page which can be used to see whom your posts are reaching, who’s liking your posts, and where your visitors are coming from.

Accurate Data

By carefully analysing the data, we can form a detailed picture of who your visitors are and how they navigate your website.

Easy To Use

If it's not easy to use then it's only of use to the technical geeks, we'll put it all into plain language that anybody can understand.

Keyword Searches

By understanding how visitors find your site, and what pages they visit we can target your marketing budget with pinpoint accuracy.

Real Time

Most analytics data is in realtime, know what your visitors are doing and how they are navigating the site as it happens.

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